Get Content Type

The get_content_type module fills an oversight by the D5 developers. When they moved the part of CCK (sometimes called CCK-Lite) into core for creating new content types, they forgot the analog to taxonomy/term/xxx, that is node/type/xxx. This simple module provides that function.

It may be invoked with "node/type/content-type/teaser/number-per-page" or "node_get_by_type(content-type, teaser, number-per-page)" where: content-type is the (internal) name of the type; teaser is TRUE or FALSE to show in teaser format (TRUE is default); and number-per-page is the number of nodes to show per page (default is the same as the post settings). The "sticky" attribute is honored (as is sticky-encoded weighting).

For example: assume that post settings is at the default of 10 per page, "" will show all the "story" type nodes as teasers with 10 per page. "" will show 5 classified ads per page as full nodes.

Yes, this probably can be done with Views, but not every site has Views installed, nor needs it. Certainly this module would have less overhead.