Taxonomy Delegate


This module allows an administrator with "administer taxonomy" permission to delegate the administration of a vocabulary to a non-admin role.

The role to which this authoity has been delegated may add, modify, and delete terms from a vocabulary. They may, not however, modify the vocabulary itself, nor may they create new vocabularies.

Given that Forums are controlled by a vocabulary, one might give the ability to control them to someone who has no other administrative rights. They can then change the "containers" (parent terms) and forums (child terms). Another popular module that is vocabulary driven is Image Gallery, so it's another function that can be easily delegated. There are many ways in which this module can help.


This module's development was underwritten by Seblin Hosting for a project I was working on for them. They were gracious enough to allow me to contribute it to the Drupal community.


Normal module installation procedures.


There are no settings for "Taxonomy Delegate."


There are no new permissions for "Taxonomy Delegate." The roles must have "access content" granted.


This module adds a tab to the Administer » Content management » Categories page. Use the "Category delegate" tab to specify which vocabularies (categories) are to be delegated to which roles.

If a user is assigned to a role to which a vocabulary has been delegated, they will see a main ("Navigation") menu item to "Administer My Categories."

You may also want to look at Vocabulary Permissions.